About Senatore

About Senatore

Senatore… The elite coffee taste since 2006

In 2006, Italian company “Cofima” conducted a study of Italian coffee’s reception in the Middle East region. The results showed that a large crowd of coffee lovers are fans of rich Italian coffee.In the last years, Senatore Coffee has shown how much truth there is in this study, through its products’ strong presence in different stores and hypermarkets across the country and the opening of the Senatore online coffee store, a first of its kind in Jordan. Senatore’s online store offers different products, flavors and types of coffee, in addition to many home coffee machines. Today, you can shop Senatore coffee’s product range from the convenience of your own home.

Our Mission

a wide product range that fulfills all tastes

We at Senatore know that everyone has a special type of morning coffee or daytime coffee and that the delicious flavor is not complete without quality coffee-making products and machines, designed specifically to give you the best results.To enjoy that distinctive taste, you can choose between a variety of kinds of Senatore coffee that is aroma-rich, grinded and packed into special aluminum packs to reach you with the freshest aromas and flavor from Brazil and Central America and in different nutty flavors.

Our Vision

Senatore… Our speciality is roasting fresh coffee

Brewing fresh coffee requires a special method to preserve the taste and flavor. Fresh coffee is just like fresh bread; as time passes, it loses its aroma, richness and flavor. For this reason, Senatore Company’s policy was established to provide at all times the freshest, just-prepared coffee.To have your rich Senatore coffee every day, we roast and blend the beans near you, so you enjoy the best taste of your favorite fresh coffee.