Cappucino Mukka Express 2 Cup

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Cappucino Mukka Express 2 Cup
59.950 JOD

A flavorsome embrace. Creamy, sweet and soft
That is a cappuccino according to Bialetti. Mukka Express revolutionizes breakfast time at home with an innovative and unmistakably stylish coffee maker, able to prepare a delicately aromatic cappuccino that teases the palate with the softest of sensations. The coffee’s strength, the milk’s wholesomeness and the foam’s softness all combine as a single pleasure, to be savored and enjoyed in your own home, whenever you like. The time compared to a traditional coffee maker.

Product Features:

  • Exclusive, patented product.
  • The “home-made ”Cappuccino" espresso.
  • Easy and safe “click-clack” closure.
  • New pressure-controlled valve, guaranteeing constant results in time, that whips up a soft foam as it mixes the coffee and milk.
  • Used for 2 cappuccino cup sizes

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